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Fermanagh Weekend


The Spring Weekend in Fermanagh 23rd and 24th April 2016 On the above dates an enthusiastic group from the Sperrins Hill Walking club enjoyed a well organised two days of walking in the west of the lovely Lakeland county ……On the Saturday the group completed the board walk on Cuilcagh .The weather was lovely… sunny clear skies ..ideal for the expedition .The views en route to the top and from the top of Cuilcagh over the lakes and counties that lay south and west were spectacular.After a good rest at the top , a few sandwiches and a bit of roaming round the top the group was on their way down again.Some actually found the way down as challenging as the climb up the steps but the effort all worthwhile .The finger board gives a lot of information about the development of the Board walk but the details were only vaguely recalled by Sperrins Hill walkers. The questions posed .. How high is Cuilcagh ? Ans....Very High How many steps on the board walk ?Ans… Too Many……would not have won many points in a pub quiz . It was even possible to secure an artist impression of Cuilcagh..... clearly evidence of the creative talents of Sperrins Hill walkers .! The club met at the Marble Arch complex 10am hoping to use some of the facilities before the start …. They actually started from the Cuilcagh car park nearby . Most had returned to the cars by 4.30pm having accomplished a climb of the highest mountain in Fermanagh. Sunday's walk in Ballintempo Forest was a more leisurely affair.After very very careful planning and much discussion it was decided that the meeting pointing and time most suitable for all was to be 10am at The Belmore Court Motel. This was particularly convenient for those that were lucky enough to get booked in for Saturday night. The Aghanaglack circular walk in this forest identified recently as ‘Walk of the week’ was very different to the Saturday’s walk this being mostly in the forest. ..Aghanaglack or field of the hollow is a town land in Boho Co Fermanagh. Parking is restricted to three/four cars outside the gate…We were lucky that we teamed up reducing number of cars travelling via Boho to Ballintempo Forest... .Shortly after 10.30 and before 11am off we went on our walk taking the lower path to the left of the entrance. It was good to view the achievements of the previous day from many different parts as we walked the forest trail .We didn't see the merlins or hen harriers…(I imagine they might have heard us coming) …. The walk did seem longer than 7 miles but perhaps that was the effect of the board walk and fact we followed the path first left from inside the gate .We seemed to be a long time en route before arriving at Brimstone Rock but it proved a good place for the extended lunch stop…. everyone ready for something to eat and a well deserved rest .. From here the forest opened up and there was opportunity to enjoy the views of other Fermanagh landscape . The dual court tomb also known as the Giants grave is sited off the main path in a clearing near end of the walk .It’s worth a visit to see the two different sized chambers that in the past were covered by huge rock that formed the roof of the chambers .The outline of these chambers dating back to the Neolithic period is still very evident.Bronze Age and Stone Age Items from the galleries are on display in museum in Enniskillen.Returning to the cars just after 2.30pm we realised we were lucky to be out of the forest before the next group started to enjoy their hobby there. Ann McCullagh took responsibility for organising The Spring weekend in Fermanagh for Sperrins Hill Walkers ..the walks,advising on accommodation ,dining experience at the Merlot, meeting places and times and we're lead to believe the weather ! A Big Big THANK YOU to her…. everything was spot on….. a throughly enjoyable weekend. ( I think the proposed calendar may take a while to come to print !) Fermanagh was a great place to go .There are still plenty of other walks to do there.. sites to see and places to visit. Thank you to all attendees and hope you're looking forward to next walking weekend.

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